X-Sample Works

Sample works have been posted to my instagram and twitter accounts. You can see them by requesting to follow me there. I also have a youtube teacher account where I have posted some students work - Songs of Roland and I have a photo account where I have posted student work samples. There were old links below to previous students works, but some time ago those links were closed or became antiquated. It is important to keep your photos and memories backed up. Theses are no longer around which is so sad. I guess I just smile because I was there, particiapted in the process and  know what you are missing. Sorry.

These sample work links no longer work as this server was shut down. I am hoping that some amazing student can help me create new links for the amazing artifacts from my class' history. If not, it will remain just a memory for those of us who were there creating castles, manors, cathedrals, Roman theaters, Byzantine Time Capsules, and fighting the Crusades in a simulation. Some students have become knights fighting in a tournament and others traveled back in time to feast in an Arabian tent watching and enjoying the Arabian Nights. We'll have to see what the future holds for this x-sample page. Who knows what will happen with technology and the future.  Perhaps we'll find a mirror to the past and see some of these great sample works - or not...