Class Routine

Each class period will be unique in content but will follow the same format in terms of classroom procedures.

1abu213.gif Beginning of Class


Complete Q2 in your journal.

Go over class work for today list.

Copy homework in agenda and stamp with due date.
        Get out homework, discuss and ask questions as we share/review assignment.

Review any questions from previous assignment and be prepared to discuss them.


1abu204.gif (789 bytes)During Class


Participate in classroom lesson, activities and instruction.

Cooperatively work in class.

Take neat notes, participate in discussion, and ask questions respectfully.

Ask permission before leaving the roomSign out legibly on the dismissal sheet and sign back in when you return to class.

Learn something new and have fun each class.


1abu229.gifEnd of Class


Please stay focused until asked to pack up.

Check that you have your materials, homework and questions answered.

Students will be dismissed at the end of instruction by teacher, not the bell.