Class Overview


Students should have a 1½” binder, three dividers, and composition notebook for reading class.  All daily work and handouts will be kept in the binder.   Every student must bring their agenda, binder, book, and a pen or pencil to class each day.   A record will be kept and students will receive a grade for having each of these things with them daily.


The completion of homework is important to the reading program.  Your child should expect reading homework Monday through Friday.  Assignments are due at the beginning of our reading class the following day, unless otherwise stated.  Late assignments that do not relate to an absence will only be accepted one day after they are due (25% will be deducted from the assignment grade for the tardiness).  Students will be given extensions of due dates if they are absent.  When a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out the homework that was missed (or notes taken).

***Please check the school supplied agenda for daily homework or class reminders.  Assignments will also be posted daily on my web page, which can be accessed through the school website.


  1. Self-Directed Learning, which is a combination of daily preparation, homework, and organization (binder check).  The final average will be 30% of the student’s quarter grade.

  2. Assessment, which is any quiz, test, and project.  The final average will be 70% of the student’s quarter grade.  A request to retake an assessment will be approved after a student meets the necessary requirements.


Students will view some, but not all of the following films:

  • To Serve Man (Twilight Zone)

  • Season of the Sled Dog

  • Sled Dog Breeder (Dirty Jobs Episode)

  • Stone Fox (1987)

  • Jack London: A Life of Adventure

  • The Call of the Wild (1997)

  • Iron Will (2002)

  • IMAX: Everest

  • Everest (2015)


I will be available after school Monday through Friday for any student that needs extra help.  However, it's up to the student to arrange a date and time with me.  This is a good opportunity for students to ask for clarification and assistance.