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The purpose of this page it to give students and staff guides to using Open Office here at the Hollis Brookline Middle School starting on August 25, 2012

Pending submissions, thank you for your patience

How students can add a printer in the building


Scratch Programing Section
After three quarters of using the Scratch on line, I feel that the students at HBMS are better served using the "desktop" based version. Thank you, Mr. Gruce 

Scratch Programing - To view the Flash Cards on how to work with Scratch, click here 

If the above is not working  Click here to see the cards. Make sure to choose view, Not Download

Scratch Programing Concepts here

When I woke up as a Robot - Scratch directions - click here
More about Scratch here - Mr. Gruce is "testing" Scratch programing with his current classes (as of 10 Feb 2013) to determine how it can be used to enhance student learning and creativity here at HBMS. Please contact him via e-mail with any questions.

These are links to websites to help with using unsupported programs  outside of the Hollis Brookline Middle School (HBMS)
Saving Gimp images to open at HBMS, click here

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