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Computer Skills at HBMS / ICT Portfolio

General Notices
  • Students in Seventh and Eighth Grades will be orientated to the Open Office / Libre Office suite during their time in Computers this year.
  • What the Grades for the Grade 7 Computer and  the Grade ICT Portfolio as displayed in Power School mean.
    PF = Proficient (Passed)
    RP1 = Repeat (redo) small errors need to be fixed. Please fix the errors and resubmit.
    RP0 = Repeat (redo) many errors and/or items are missing from the Portfolio. Please fix the errors and resubmit.
Grade 7 Computer / Research Skills
  • Students in the Seventh Grade will be instructed in a research process during their time with Mr. Gruce in the first two quarters
  • Scratch Programming will be used as an enrichment activity when a student has completed the research process
    • Scratch Programing information is located here
Grade 8 / ICT Portfolio
The State of New Hampshire has mandated that students use the appropriate Information and Communication Technology to demonstrate proficiency
in the use of 21st Century tools to access, manage, evaluate, and create information within the context of the core subjects of:
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • English and Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Science - including civics, government, economics, history, and geography
  • World Languages

The Hollis Brookline Middle School has chosen to require that all students demonstrate this proficiency in ALL SUBJECT AREAS. The student criteria for proficient use is based on the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S).

For additional information, please use the following resources:

The New Hampshire Department of Education website on the ICT Standards .

This link will lead you to the ISTE website with the updated student standards;

NETS-S for all students (overall standards) 

On this website you will find the following information: (use the links to the left)

  • The HBMS, State of NHDOE, and ISTE ICT Portfolio standards
  • Lists of some of the software that your child will be using at HBMS
  • The SAU-41 Acceptable Use policy for students is available here .
  • Technology Support Page - A place to get help on using Open Office at HBMS, at home, and other tips as they come up will be posted here.
Mr. Gruce can be contacted at "joseph.gruce@sau41.org"
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