Daily Announcements

Tuesday, June 12,2018 (This week is a Friday 1)
1.  There will be no video game club today

2.  Attention all 7th and 8th graders.  It is NOT too late to buy your bowl back!  All the bowls have been unpacked and are waiting to go home with you.  Remember your $10 is actually going to buy food for families in need right here in Hollis and Brookline.  To the 8th graders ... if you did not buy your 7th grade bowl from last year, it is still here, so you can buy that one too!  Mrs. Ouellette also has 7th and 8th grade two dimensional work as well as free choice pottery sculptures for you to pick up.  Please stop by the art room this week .... but be sure it is when you have time to sort through the art to find YOURS!    

3.  Congratulations to the members of the 7th and 8th grade band and jazz band for their phenomenal concert last night! It was a wonderful performance.


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