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Robert Thompson, Principal
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We are writing to address questions that we've received concerning the HBMS Ski and Snowboard Club; 


This year, we are traveling to Crotched Mountain on Thursdays after school.  The bus leaves right after school, and you should plan to be waiting at the school for the bus to return by 8:00pm.  Please keep in mind that it is cold outside, and the school is locked when we return.  Please do not make us wait outside in the cold! We will have kids make phone calls home when we leave the mountain. 


Students should be dropped off at school Thursday mornings with their equipment.  It can be stored in a closet in the gymnasium.  It will go home with them at the time of pickup.  All equipment should be labeled with names.  If it is lost at the mountain, Crotched typically does not return equipment from the lost and found if there is no name.


Crotched Mountain has a full cafeteria that is open to all.  Feel free to send your child with some cash to purchase dinner, or send them with food of their own.  Ski club runs right through dinner time, so they should have something to eat.  It should go without saying that no Ski Club members are permitted in the "bar and grill" section of the lodge at any time.  It's more of a sit-down restaurant setting...food should only be purchased in the cafeteria.


Passes will be handed out on the first day of ski club.  These should be attached to their ski coat, and they will be responsible for bringing them the rest of the season.  When we get to the mountain, they bring their card to the ticket window, where they will be issued a ticket.  If the passes are lost or misplaced, Crotched may charge to issue another.  This is a matter that would need to be figured out with Crotched themselves.  The best bet is to just leave the passes firmly attached to ski coats.  If they have lessons, they will have a second card that tracks their attendance at said lessons.


In the event that school is cancelled, Ski Club would also be cancelled.  Another day would be added to the end of the season...the goal is to make it up to the mountain for 5 total trips.  We have coordinated with the bus company to charter 5 trips, plus a couple of extra dates reserved at the end of the season as needed.

Let us know if you have further questions.  Here's to a great ski season!


HBMS Ski and Snowboard Club


HBMS is building a greenhouse!  We are on facebook, twitter and instagram @HBMSGreenhouse please follow us there! 
For more information on how to get involved contact Erin White at erin.white@sau41.org


A Message From Sheila Mandragouras, RN- Hollis Brookline Middle School Nurse

HBMS allows nut products ONLY in the cafeteria. No nut products are allowed in the classroom
 during snack time or for class events. 
                Thank you in advance for keeping our students safe!


Crowdfunding Message from the SAU

Dear members of the Hollis-Brookline, Brookline, and Hollis school communities: It has recently come to our attention that a number of fundraising and “crowdfunding” websites (e.g., GoFundMe, DonorsChoose) have been created to raise money for schools, classrooms, extracurricular activities, and other school-related purposes.  While we support any effort to give back to the school community and support our students, unfortunately, some of these webpages use the school districts’ name and mascot to, among other things, attempt to get users to make private donations.  Please be aware that these webpages are not affiliated with and have not been approved or sanctioned by the Hollis-Brookline Cooperative School District, Brookline School District, Hollis School District or SAU 41 in any way.  The School Districts and SAU 41 are not responsible for any financial liability or other loss associated with these webpages.  If you choose to visit these webpages or websites, please know that you do so at your own risk.

If you have any questions about this notice or would like to make a donation to any of the School Districts and/or their programs, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Seeley, Business Administrator, SAU 41 (central office for all Hollis and Brookline schools) at kelly.seeley@sau41.org or 603-324-5999


- June 1st- 6th and 7th Grade Social

- June 4th- Sports Awards Night

- June 11th- HBMS Band Concert

- June 12th- HBMS Chorus Concert

- June 14th- 8th Grade Celebration

 - June 15th- Awards Ceremony, 7th grade BBQ, and 8th grade trip to Canobie


Saturday, May 19th- The Brookline Bolt 5k Run & Walk. For more information please click here.


Join us for the 13th annual Hollis Fast 5k on Thursday, June 14, 2018. For more information, please click on the link below.


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