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Individual Student Assessments (IPA's)

*These are recorded singing quizzes that will be used to assess student improvement through
the quarter. 
*Students sign up for class time to record when a singing quiz has been prepared   
*Power School will contain comments and a grade from me after  recording 
*Each student is at a different level therefore these assessments will be individualized. 
                 IPA’s may be re-done at any time for full credit up to one week before the end of each quarter.
7th Grade students:                                                                                                  

ipa #1:  Sight singing series, page 4 rhythms 5+6                     due =  10-27-17                      
ipa #2  Do-Re-Mi-Mi Melody                                                               due =   10-27-17                    
ipa #3  Sight Singing Series, Page 6, Exercise #1                       due =    1-19-18                      
ipa #4  Betty Botter- memorized tongue twister                due =    1-19-18                         
ipa #5  sing measures 24-end of the national anthem       due =   
ipa #6  sing measures 1-16 of the national anthem              due =  
IPA#7  Sing Sight Singing Series, page 12    Choice of 1        due =  
ipa #8 work with one student-page 13 duet or trio            due =  
             (click below for rubric for IPA #8)

8th grade students:
ipa #9:    Original 8th note rhythm sequence             due =  10-27-17 
ipa#10:   sight singing series, page 17,  #1 and #6            due =  10-27-17
                  click Below for a copy of IPA #10
IPA#11:   sight singing series, page 23                                 due=   1-19-18
IPA#12:   The toad story-memorized-tongue twister          due=    1-19-18
IPA#13:   The Fox and the Grapes, pg 24                             Due=   
IPA#14:   Sight singing Series, Page 25, Choose 1           Due=  3-30-18
click below for a copy of page 25
IPA#15:   Three Bluebirds, pages 27-30                                 Due= 
IPA#16:   Three bluebirds as a duet or trio                     Due= 
              (click below for rubric for IPA #16)

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