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Individual Performance Assessments (25%)

Musicianship       (25%)

Attendance at Performances     (20%)

Classroom Written Assignments        (15%)

Self-Directed Learning Skills       (15%)

~Recorded playing quizzes completed over the course of the quarter.

~Proper playing posture and hand placement

~Attendance is mandatory at all concerts. Your hard work is demonstrated by the performance of a concert. Absences greatly affect the integrity of the ensemble and thus the only excused absences from a performance will be due to sickness, family emergency or bereavement.

~Rhythm worksheets and activities

~Arrive to class on time with your materials, ready to learn

~Breath control, phrasing and dynamics

~Concert observations and reflections

~Participate within the ensemble to the best of your ability

~Graded on proper notes, rhythms, articulations, and dynamics, as well as overall improvement

~Articulations and fingerings/stickings

~Rehearsal observations and individual self-evaluations

~Respect yourself, others, and the music equipment/facilities

~Comments will be given via Powerschool, and the opportunity to record the assignment again will be given

~Tone and intonation

~Music Theory assignments

~Stay on task and be an active listener

~Students with excused absences from a concert will need to schedule a time to demonstrate mastery of the concert music for Ms. Nault

~Listening activities and observations

~Be responsible for gaining individual skills and knowledge

~IPAs can be re-done at any time for full credit during the quarter











     Individual Performance Assessments (IPAs) and other written work can be re-done as many times as is necessary to demonstrate mastery of skills. However, all work must be completed by the date that marks close for the quarter. It is essential to a student's success that they check PowerSchool frequently. Comments and feedback on IPAs are given through PowerSchool