HBMS Class Registration

Grade 7 Online Registration: April 11-21st

Log into the PowerSchool parent portal using your PowerSchool username and password.

1. Click on the Class Registration icon

You will be presented with Language/Reading and Music categories as well as Alternate Choices for each.

2. Click on the pencil    on the right side of the screen to view courses in each category. Make selections and click OK. To make changes just click on the pencil to reselect classes.

3. Courses chosen will now appear in the center of the screen.
You should see a    if you have made appropriate selections.
If you see a   click on the icon and an error message will appear.

4. Repeat for each category until you have all   green checks on the screen.

5. Upon completion of course selections, click Submit. You may log back in to parent portal at anytime to make changes until Class Registration closes on April 21, 2017.