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2017 Youth Risk Behavior Surey

Dear Families,

As you know,  students throughout the United States are exposed to a multitude of outside influences and face ever-increasing exposure to high risk behaviors. As part of the HBHS commitment to provide preventative services to the students in our school and community,  we are participating in the NH Youth Risk Survey on Wednesday, February 22nd. This is a confidential survey designed to gather information on current trends and issues that are most pertinent to our youth today. In order to obtain the most valid data we hope all of our students will participate. Most recently, we have used this current information to bring in guest speakers and programs, some of which are sponsored by the Hollis Police Department, to continually provide prevention motivation, information, and guidance to our students.

A Survey Fact Sheet details the questions students will encounter. As parents, it is very important that you are fully informed and aware of this survey. If you have any concerns a sample survey is available here, and in the Guidance Office at the high school for you to preview. You may also choose to opt your child out of this survey. If your child is under the age of 18 as of February 22nd, 2017, and you do NOT want him/her to take part in the survey, complete this Form and return it to the HBHS Main Office, preferably no later than February 20, 2017.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.


Rick Barnes Principal