Driver's Education

Driver Education is offered at HBHS in the fall and spring. There will be at least 30 clock hours of classroom interaction, at least 10 clock hours of behind-the-wheel driver training, and 6 clock hours of observation (completed during study hall hours). This is a full semester commitment, and students are expected to be at ALL of the two-hour class sessions – one day a week for fifteen weeks from 2:30-4:40 PM (usually on Wednesday). Per the State of New Hampshire Driver Education Rules, “students missing more than 2 classes shall be dropped from the program.”  Students enrolled at Hollis Brookline High School have first priority. Students who attend other schools, but who reside in Hollis or Brookline will be allowed to take Driver Education on a space-available basis.

1. No classroom instruction shall be missed during any course except for good cause, death in the family, sickness or injury. All absences must be documented by a parent or doctor’s note and given to the classroom instructor at the next class. School suspension is not an excused absence.

2. Anticipate your schedule for second semester before signing up. Student schedules will be collected prior to the first class to pre-schedule for driving appointments. Once the program has started, changes in your schedule may not conform to your driving schedule. You may be dropped from the course with no refund.

3.  Driving instruction is scheduled during regular study hours, evenings and weekends per available times for the instructor.

4.  Please read the program policy before signing up for the course. 

5. If you have any questions please contact Hampshire Driving School at 603-882-7443