Upcoming Events

  • 31 Oct - CSDA & RMMS Q1 Marks close
  • 31 Oct - RMMS Halloween Parade, 1:30 pm
  • 3 Nov - CSDA 4-C Field Trip to District 1 School House
  • 4 Nov - CSDA & RMMS - No School, Teacher Workshop Day
  • 5 Nov - RMMS KDG Field Trip to Beaver Brook
  • 5 Nov - CSDA 4-V Field Trip to District 1 School House
  • 6 Nov - CSDA 4-D Field Trip to District 1 School House
  • 7 Nov - CSDA 4-W Field Trip to District 1 School House



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"Learn everything
you can, anytime
you can, from anyone
you can - there will
always come a time
when you will be
grateful you did."

- Sarah Caldwell

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Richard Maghakian Memorial School, 22 Milford Street, Brookline NH, 03033   (603) 673-4640 
Captain Samuel Douglass Academy, 24 Townsend Hill Road, Brookline NH 03033  (603) 673-0122

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